Our firm was established back in 1977 with one purpose in mind: To take our clients from where they are when they meet us, to a magnificently abundant retirement. To that end our policy has always been to be not only be hands on, but proactive when it comes to clients’ Purposeful Plans. Over the years we’ve made room for experts in subjects that directly and indirectly enhance in some way the results our clients seek. Whether it’s helping a client to qualify for and successfully execute a tax deferred exchange from La Mesa to somewhere out of state, or merely having them refinance their East County, San Diego income property to free investment capital, we’re there with them for every step. What we bring to the table that investors appreciate most is the ability to combine multiple strategies synergistically in ways that vastly improve their results. This can be in the form of increased retirement income, the ability to retire earlier than anticipated, or both. Our Old School ways stipulate that the preservation of capital comes before return on capital. The idea of including discounted notes with real estate, often strategically, has been more than well received, especially when the investor can sometimes retire with more income than they ever made on the job. Purposeful Planning is not just a catch phrase. It’s proven to be a very powerful approach to investing in real estate for retirement. Have a Plan, execute it on Purpose, and remain flexible at all times. Superb retirements are created over time, and on purpose.

Jeff has an extensive following on his own BawldGuy website as well as the highly respected blog BiggerPockets. Below we’ve included a sampling of Jeff’s no nonsense straight forward approach to helping his clients meet and exceed their purposefully planning retirement income goals.


Real Expertise

50 Years Old and Need a Better Plan


50 and need a better plan Jeff Brown

Supportive Pillars


Supportive Pillars Jeff Brown

Turbo Charge Your Real Estate Portfolio


Turbo Charge Your Portfolio Jeff Brown

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