Each home has different characteristics. Brown & Brown offers unique, expert home listing services in all of San Diego County with focus on La Mesa, El Cajon, Santee and East County San Diego. We treat every home listing with the proper care. That doesn’t mean executing the exact same procedure for every property in order to sell the home. An historic home in downtown La Mesa should be listed and handled completely different then an owner-occupied duplex in El Cajon. Although this should go without saying, this theory doesn’t always come into practice.

Any listing taken by Brown & Brown will have its own printed out procedure and marketing plan based on our experience, the property, and the needs of you, the client.

That being said, here is a list of a few things we do on just about every listing in order to obtain the highest and best offers in a timely and efficient manner:

  1. Pricing. This is the most important event in the whole selling process. A price too high and the property simply won’t be previewed, the first step in obtaining a ready and able buyer. A price too low and, well, nobody wants to sell their beloved home at a discount, for any reason. Getting the highest price in the shortest amount of time is always the goal, and easier said than done. Having protocol to make that happen time and again is the key to our client’s success
  2. Is the home viewable? Staging is what most of us call it in our industry. Bottom line, a potential buyer needs to be able to imagine themselves in your home. There are different degrees of staging a home. For a home still being occupied at the time of the sale, a complete interior redo isn’t normally an option. For an investment property, having it completely empty, yet still clean, isn’t a bad thing. All properties need to invite the buyer into the property and make them stay longer than they planned
  3. Repairs and Cleaning. The theme of this whole list is that every property is different, it’s own creation. That is probably more true for this than anything else on the list. Every property can be improved in some way. The mission is to make the house look it’s most presentable and turn-key as possible. This can take anywhere from a day to over a couple weeks, with an average of a few days. We are not renovating the home, nor are we putting lipstick on a pig. Rather giving the house a makeover of sorts, a noticeable difference with minimal investment
  4. Photography. I’d like to think I’m good with words, capable of painting a beautiful picture through language. That being said, photos are the biggest driver of interest for the property on the MLS and other listing sites. Photography will never generate an offer by itself, but they can make a potential buyer disappear. That’s why we use a professional photographer for all of our listings. In this age of computers and technology, listing photos are the first impression, we need to make it a great one.
  5. Yard signs. Every listing will get a yard sign. Nothing more to say here. Few and far between are the buyers that pick their home driving by a property randomly, especially in this day and age. For the occasion it does happen, we will have a prominent sign letting drivers-by know that your property is available
  6. Property web page. Each property listed by Brown & Brown will not only be on the MLS, along with several other sites, but will have its own listing page. Today’s buyers generally start their search before they even speak with an agent, they do this via various websites. The site will be dedicated to photos and an in depth description of the property
  7. MLS. All the most important information, characteristics, and flattering photographs of your property will be put in the Multiple Listing Service. Of all the ways to search for properties, this is where the biggest concentration of properties with the most up to date information will he housed. No pun intended. Its very easy to create a listing on the MLS. It takes a bit of time and experience to make viewers say, ‘wow, we need to see this property today.’
  8. Servicing the Property. For a listing still being occupied by either a tenant or the sellers themselves, this is a moot point. For all vacant listings, I will personally be driving by and walking through the property at least three times a week. Besides verifying the property hasn’t been tampered with in anyway, I’ve found it gives both me and the seller peace of mind to have regular updates on the condition of the listed property

Looking for an expert listing agent within all of San Diego county, with a focus on La Mesa, El Cajon, Santee, and East County San Diego? Give me a call and we’ll talk about your home.

Joshua Brown
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